In 2013, LTCO committed nearly 1700 hours to advocacy efforts. This worthwhile endeavor could not have been accomplished without the hard work of our dedicated staff, board members, and volunteers. We are here to serve you, our community.

Staff Members
  • Jeni S. Coyne, Program Manager
  • Linda Arnaut, Interim Director-Operations and Finance Manager, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Tracy Williams, MSCJ, Ombudsman Specialist, Intake Specialist
  • Marie McCabe, Volunteer Coordinator, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Maryum Ali, Ombudsman Specialist, Home Choice Transition Coordinator
  • Jeremy Boone, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Nate Cyrill, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Tiffany Johnson, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Therese Kerns, Ombudsman Specialist, MyCare Ohio Supervisor
  • Andrew Kinkead, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Vera Kramarchuk, Ombudsman Specialist, MyCare Ohio
  • Barbara McDaniel, Ombudsman Specialist
  • Samantha Narduzzi, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
  • Barbara Prociak, Ombudsman Specialist, Home Choice Supervisor
  • Pauletta Steele, Ombudsman Specialist, Home Choice Transition Coordinator
  • Helen White-Lenear, Administrative Assistant

Board of Trustees
  • Patrick Murray, M.D., President, Ombudsman/Community Volunteer
  • Louise McKinney, J.D., Past President, Professor Emerita, Case Western Reserve University
  • Karla Perry, Vice President, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
  • James Jenkins, C.P.A., Treasurer, Corwin-Jenkins, CPA
  • Nancy A. Likens, Secretary
  • Georgia Anetzberger, PhD, ACSW, LISW
  • Ronald Holman
  • Kathleen Jurcago, Ombudsman/Community Volunteer
  • Hilary Mason-King, J.D. Housing Research & Advocacy Center
  • Husein Nakhooda, M.B.A., Community Volunteer
  • Marty Gelfand


Board Meeting Materials